It’s inevitable that there are times when people let you down and unfortunately this happened today in chez CallumW.

Some of you may know my other half as a bubbly happy-go-lucky girl, quick to smile and easy to share a conversation with.

Others may know her as a cancer survivor who had the incredible strength of character to tackle her cancer head on, beat it, then go on to make drastic changes to her life so she could share her experience as well as try to help and improve the lives of everyone she meets.

Yet today I saw her reduced to tears for the first time.

She compromised her own finances to provide short term help a friend start a business. The friend didnt work on their business, so naturally it failed, yet somehow they blame my other half for it’s lack of growth?

This betrayal turned out to be a cut deeper than any of her surgeons blades reached.

So I’m sending a big hug out to you my wee Shmoo 
Just a reminder that decent people are hard working and take account of their own actions and decisions.

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