I’m posting this article just after the release of the G4 iPhone. The latest and greatest mobile from apple that does everything faster and smoother than before

…..except making phonecalls which is a really stoopid oversite bordering on Darwin Award material

So for all the stalwart MAC maniacs out there looking for a morale boost, I thought you may like to see this.
A photoshop image I did a long time ago and found while clearing space …… enjoy 🙂

The funny thing is it’s been 22 years sinceI used a MAC 🙂

The phone’s ben ringing tonight.
It seems I’m in the news …. again 🙂

New footage has been released of the Ian Tomlinson incident …. and in it plain as day is wee me taking pictures (long black coat, white shirt, blue jeans).

I was contacted by IPCC regarding the incident and I’m meeting with them for an interview and delivering high-res images that may be used in their investigations.


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