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Some of you peeps in the interwebs may have seen the post that I scratched together earlier in the year titled “How does a photographer calculate their fees?“.

In there I skimmed through the basics of how a business can create a simple spreadsheet showing how to work out how much they need to earn to keep their company alive, so they can continue to provide a valuable  service to their clients.

Forgetting the required creativity, skill, technique and equipment that is required for any profession that you choose to follow – this is what happens in the background long before (and after) someone picks up the phone with an enquiry. 😀

Photography is the example here, but the core knowledge transfers to virtually every business.

Following on the popularity of my last A or B, I thought I’d post another where I need your opinion ….

After some moderate recognition in one of last year’s competitions (MPA), I’m looking to re-enter for some more scrutiny this year.

This is where you come in 🙂
I decided to open up one of my submissions to public vote and I’ve narrowed down two dark/moody images for you to pick as your favourite.

I’d really like to hear your opinion and at the end of the week I’ll randomly select a voter to receive a print of both of the pictures on quality paper as a "thank you" for sharing your opinion.

Votes can be made in the comments below or by email

Which one do you prefer – A or B ?

A) The Mousetrap

Follow-on from post:

Thanks to all of you who took 2 minutes out of your busy schedules to take a break and explore my 2 images below before picking your favourite.

A) Colonsay Kiloran Bay Midnight
B) Colonsay Kiloran Bay Midday

The response to this was phenomenal. Emails, twitter messages and comments flowed in from high-end agencies to boutique design studios.
Thank you all, it made my week 🙂

And so – skip to the chase ….

All the replies have been totted up and the favourite image,
selected (by a landslide of 2:1) was ……. *drum roll*

…… B

But the question you may be asking is "do you get a print ….. ?"

I so appreciate the positive feedback I received that I decided to fire up the big Epson ink spitter and print off a couple more, so keep an eye on your inboxes as there may be and email from me asking you to confirm your delivery address, so I can send your voted favourite right to your doorstep 🙂


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