I visited a couple of locations for the workshop and one was booked 🙂

The venue for Day 1 will be held in the heart of Richmond in the Parkshot Richmond Adult Community College (RACC) building which is about 2 minutes walk from Richmond station and is also easily accessible by road, tube and bus.

We will have pretty much the run of the college, but we’ll be based in 1 room and we can use the corridors and the gardens if required (depends on what Bert wants to do)

The second day we’ll be exploring different locations in a walking distance in and around Richmond.

On both days the workshop we will gather at 09:30, start at 10:00 and aim to finish at around 18:00
Directions, other information and forms will be emailed to each participant prior to the Workshop

Final location to be booked. We’ll update the main Event Page if there is more information

The Workshop:
On Monday, we’ll start out by going over the basics of light. We’re going to learn to recognize good light and shape bad light into good light.
In the afternoon we are going to learn how to MAKE the light with small flashes and mix ambient light with flash.
Bert will also discuss equipment choices and will squeeze in lots of tricks of the trade. With lots of real life examples and mini-shoots, we’ll make the theoretical part easy to digest.

On Tuesday, you’ll get the chance to put everything you’ve learned into practice on a location shooting day. You’ll get some fun assignments, that you will work on in small groups under Bert’s guidance.

You don’t need any experience with flash, tons of expensive gear or a degree in photography to benefit from this workshop. A decent knowledge of the basics like shutter speed / aperture and the motivation to improve your photography, is all you need. If those attending are a bit more advanced with lighting then we’ll quickly progress to advanced techniques over the days.

To register and for more information, go to this page:
Bert Stephani UK Workshop September 7+8 2009

Apologies for those following the blog for the lack of updates in the last 2 weeks.
It’s been busy (which is good news)
I ‘ve been shooting 3 weddings in the last few weeks. One in London, one in Scotland and one in Richmond.
I’ll post up some pictures and details shortly 🙂

I also recently updated to Photoshop CS4 to make use of the CS4 64 bit version so I can now use much more of my editing system’s 12Gb Ram as the 32bit CS3 (and 4) can only use a maximum of 3Gb.

Also finished the last of the prints for Rob Durston’s exhibition in N.Ireland starting 3rd June:
I’ll be going over for the opening night to see the show in action and I’ll post some pics when I get back.

But for now …. back to the picture editing 🙂

Steve and Emral’s wedding in the Millennium Hotel, Grosvenor Square, Mayfair – London

What a venue and what a lovely couple. The hotel sits right on Grosvenor square and we were fortunate to have fantastic weather on the day. I was second photographer to Helen Jones who I’ve worked with several times before and who is a big name in wedding photography with over 10 years experience behind her.

We used the square to it’s full potential and the happy couple and their guests were great to photograph. If anything we were struggling to keep them carrying on too much so we could get the formal group shots after the ceremony. Fortunately that didn’t take too long and we let them loose to party while we got back to documenting the day quietly in the background.

We were due to finish at about 23:00, but we didn’t leave until 00:30.
These guys know how to party….. and I have to admit I had a great time capturing their memories right to the end.


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