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Been testing some new gear including a new lighting boom.
I had a mini brainwave (surfs up) and I wanted to test it on my car to see how it performed as part of my automotive rig.

The reults are ok, but the boom was a bit too unstable and not quite long enough.
But it worked well as a compromise though and doesn’t take up too much room. All in all a useful test 🙂

Here’s a couple of regular shots+ some with the boom in motion:


James Greenwood of Greenwood Racing Developments asked if I could take some pictures of a car that his tuning company built on Saturday just gone.
So I turned up at the GRD‘ workshop and I saw the Gumball 3000 Promotions car sitting in front of me.

It turns out GRD built the Stage4 500+bhp Subaru (owned by Andrew Brimecome) that Gumball use for brand promotion
James wanted some pictures of the car for the GRD website, so he passed me the keys and disappeared.

Andrew enters the Gumball 3000 in his 1250bhp Viper and lets them use his Subaru whenever they want.
It’s currently lined up to be at a trade show in September and he’s also giving it to them to use in next year’s Gumball. He thinks it may be the Jackass guys, but the celebrity has yet to be selected

An hour after starting taking shots, Andrew turned up and after chatting for a bit he called some friends so I could do some rolling shots.

These are some of the edited images from the shoot:


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