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Here’s another image from earlier last year which I’d forgotton all about.

This was from the 2010 JDM Allstars semi-final race held in Wembley London.

It went from scorching hot and clear blue skys to a torrential downpour within 30 minutes … and then the sun came back out again…. weird 😕

Click on the image to see a slideshow of the images from 2010.

JDM Allstars Wembley

I was browsing through some pictures from last year and I forgot all about a set I did in the cold winter of Jan 2010.

Imagine -10C and my numb fingers trying to fiddle around with my cold metal car rig meanwhile trying keep the batteries alive in the camera at the same time. The soundtrack to my chattering teeth was the deep rumble of a 360bhp turbonutter car echoing through a still and deserted underground carpark.

Happy days 🙂

Callum Winton Subaru Impreza Spec-C Type20


The place ….. Wembley Stadium
The event ….. the JDM AllStars Drift series – round 4

The scene is set.
For 2 days in late August the locals around London came to watch the 2 day specticle of a bunch of men skidding in their pants.

I say that, but one of the skidders was just a boy …. of 13 (I kid[sic] you not).

I went along to see what was occurring ….. waved my golden ticket (aka my NUJ card) at an Oompa Loompa, donned my fluro jacket and chased the cars up and down the carpark like a 14yr old chav princess looking for a DSS handout.

Ok, not quite, but while I was there I took some shots of the action. Got some shots as well as totally drenched in a downpour … thank you Nikon engineers for creating cameras with better water sealing than a fish’s butthole.

Did a small accompanying video … 5 minutes of HD goodness. Grab a cuppa and a biccy and enjoy 🙂
As always – feedback and/or comments welcome

If for some reason the video doesn’t show below, refresh this page or go directly to the video …… here

Following my passion for all things automotive …. I was asked to do a portrait session by Julian Barter, a racing driver who won his championship last year.

Julian is a professional driver and works as one of Silverstone’s instructors when he’s not racing the HSCC ’70s Roadsports series in his 1979 TVR.

I was hired to take pictures of his racing green and gold TVR as well as Peter Shaw’s lime green TVR Tuscan. Here are a few images from the shoot:


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