It’s been quiet for the last month and in that time I’ve set up my own Stock Resource for images to be licensed from me directly.

When any photographer, graphic artist or videographer put content on an online agency, they have to hand to the agency 50%-92% of the fees they should have received on each license sold.

Not only does this mean that the creator only receives 8-50% of the work’s worth, they also have no say if the agency negociates a lower fee which means you get even less.

Recently iStock made a change to their terms where they said they weren’t able to survive on their current income and so were going to take a higher percentage.

This finally pushed contributers beyond breaking poins and instigated a backlash. 
*strong language* :

My stock library is online now (see the menu) … and new items will be added regularly, especially over the next few days


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