Just a quick mid-week post to illustrate how a photographer’s vision takes place beyond the camera. There’s the design and concept stage of an image, but this post is more on the execution and processing.

As an example, below you’ll see one of the images from my recent trip to Colonsay which I blogged about earlier in the year


photography vision

The left image was as it came out of the camera. The right image is the image once I had finished post-processing it.

I knew when I saw the scene how I wanted the final version to look well before I set up the camera to take the shot and I took the picture with my camera set up to suit the post-processing I had in mind.

I was aware I already did this, but the recent photowalk I joined really brought it to my attention and it made me realise how much I think about realising the final shot before I’ve even gone near my camera.

It’s just as well it’s disposable 😉

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