Today has been a strange day …..

It’s the G20 summit at the moment and so I popped down to Bank to do a little reportage.

I was standing there between baying protestors throwing bottles on one side and riot police and dogs barking on the other. And me in the middle wondering which way it was going to go.

When I was there I found a man that had collapsed. I took a couple of pics of him and then I realised he was in trouble. So I ran and got the police, but by the time we got back I think he’d passed away.

They tubed him and tried CPR, but I think it was too late.
The police tonight released word that a man had collapsed and died

I took this picture below while the police were working on reviving the man amid flying bottles and breaking glass. Even the protestors were quick to chastise the idiots throwing the glass at our heads

If anone knows the man and see this post, then I can only say I’m sorry for the loss and the police did a great job trying to protect him and trying to help him as best they could.

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