I’m just back from attending a workshop today from fashion photographer Jon Grey which was hosted by the BIPP.

In the afternoon we had three basic lighting set-ups and pro model Katie Green with us. I tend not to lighting everything when doing beauty portraits and usually choose a shallower depth of field (f/2.8 to f/11 max). So this was a different experience for me photographing someone at f/20 with strobes at every angle.

Below are a couple of shots from the day.

The Bowens Gemini gear we were using was proving to be fairly problematic which is unusual for a brand leader.
Interestingly my favourite is the first image below in which when the main light failed to trigger, but the rear screen and reflectors did the job.
The end result was the emotive style I would choose to do when doing a fashion shot thather than nuking the subject….. unless it was a product shot ;o)

Less is more and all that 😉

Katie is the face for Ultimo’s D-G Range and was a superstar.
She did her own makeup and was very professional from start to finish. She kept going even when the temperature soared with all the strobes firing all afternoon.
Her website and link to her agent is here: http://www.katiegreenofficial.com/

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