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Waiting for the train to take us to Hyde Park for our 10k walk for the Mouth Cancer Foundation Charity

Well, it’s that time of the year again and I just received word that 4 pictures I submitted a couple of months ago to the annual International Master Photography Awards have been selected for the awards night.
…… which is nice 😀

Callum Winton Commercial Photography at the Master Photography Awards 2011

The images (along with all others selected) will be exhibited by the Master Photographers Association over the next 12 months starting from the evening of the Awards Presentation & Dinner held in Newcastle in October.

Last year I had 1 image get through which achieved a category runner up (not bad for a first outing).
So now I have to wait until a few weeks to see if any of this year’s 4 images get through to the category finals and possibly be the overall 2011 winner.

Wish me luck 🙂

I had a nice parcel land on my doorstop today.

Sprint, the magazine of the TVRCC, saw some pictures of a private session I did with Julian Barter back in March 2010 and they made enquiries around using some in their magazine.

A few emails and phone calls later and here they are in a 6 page article 🙂
1 front cover and 2 double spreads…..not bad 😀

Reproduced with the kind permission of the TVRCC

Here’s a pic of the main TVR that I personally edited in prep for large format printing 🙂

Do you love food…?
Do you love music …?

Then this may be right up your alley 🙂

The Love Music Love Food book is the brainchild of world renowned food photographer Patrice De Villiers with words/interviews by music journalist Andrew Harrison and recipes by personal chef to the rockstars Sarah Muir.

The book itself is a cover to cover sit down with musicians from the up and coming through to living legends, each talking about their foods of choice accompanied by recipe ideas and all thrown together in a mix of stunning photography and layered over 240 pages.

Proceeds of the book go to the Teenage Cancer Trust and the book is on general release from Sept 5th, but you can pick up advanced copies from Selfridges or, as I did, directly from the Teenage Cancer Trust website.

Measuring 30×30 it’s a book that takes some shelf space. And why not, it stands out in every other way too 🙂

Teenage Cancer Trust
Love Music Love food
Patrice De Villiers
Sarah Muir
Jason Kedgley (book design)
Love Music Love Food on facebook:


LMLF The Rock Star Cook Book LMLF The Rock Star Cook Book LMLF The Rock Star Cook Book
LMLF The Rock Star Cook Book LMLF The Rock Star Cook Book LMLF The Rock Star Cook Book
LMLF The Rock Star Cook Book LMLF The Rock Star Cook Book LMLF The Rock Star Cook Book


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