I took part yesterday in a London Photowalk hosted by Daniel Davies.
It’s the first time I’ve done a photowalk and the reason I took part in this one was because of an interesting format for the walk.

Rather than walking about snapping photos, there were the following restrictions:
1) We were allowed a maximum of 36 exposures during the walk
2) We set the ISO at the beginning and it couldn’t be changed.
3) The display on the back of the camera was taped over so we didn’t know how we were doing

What made this interesting is that we’re taking the principles of film photography and applying it to the modern technology. By giving us these self imposed restrictions makes us really slow down and really think about our composition before taking the shot.

I knew it would be an adjustment (the last time I shot film was in college), and it was a bit more of an adjustment than I expected. I’m not one to waste shots as it is, but by restricting the exposures to 36 and hiding the display really emphasised this.

At the end of the 2 hour walk I was well under the 36 allowed shots, so I rushed the last few … and it shows.
I took 33 alltogether and we sat in the pub at Tower Bridge (we started at London Bridge) with hot drinks to thaw our frozen fingers while we reviewed the shots on a laptop.

If you’re interested in seeing my pictures, then click on either the top image or one of the images below

Well out of 10,000+ entries I was shortlisted and so a few short weeks later I find myself at the evening gala awards ceremony hosted by 2 of the MPA execs and Tom O’Conner (who was brilliant and still as bright as a button).

This was a weekend of firsts for me.
The first year I’ve entered images to competitions and subsequently the first time I’ve been shortlisted.

The awards ran through their categories and then my category came up.

My name is called out as my picture flashes up on the screen and I nearly spit my drink.
I made it into the final selections… and … and … and …. I didn’t win.

Soooo clooose, but I’m over the moon I got so far on my first year.
So until next year … I’ll leave you with this 🙂

Great News just in!
I just received a letter that one of my still-life/product images has been shortlisted in the Master Photography Association’s 2010 Awards which will take place at the Hilton Metropole close to the NEC in Birmingham.

Their letter reads:
"Your photograph will join others from across the world that will adorn the new ‘Wall of Fame’ at the forthcoming Awards Dinner and presentation ceremony that takes place on Sunday 17th October. The overall ‘Master Photographer of the Year’ will be chosen from these short-listed entries.

The Master Photography Awards are the most prestigious awards for photography in the UK and feature the cream of today’s photographic talent"

I’m absolutely blown away that I’ve reached the MPA finals for 2010, especially as this is the first year that I’ve entered my images into any competitions.

To have achieved this recognition is an honour and to celebrate this fantastic news, I’m offering a discount on all bookings placed before the end of October.
To request further information or for bookings please call or drop me a line.

October discount closed



The place ….. Wembley Stadium
The event ….. the JDM AllStars Drift series – round 4

The scene is set.
For 2 days in late August the locals around London came to watch the 2 day specticle of a bunch of men skidding in their pants.

I say that, but one of the skidders was just a boy …. of 13 (I kid[sic] you not).

I went along to see what was occurring ….. waved my golden ticket (aka my NUJ card) at an Oompa Loompa, donned my fluro jacket and chased the cars up and down the carpark like a 14yr old chav princess looking for a DSS handout.

Ok, not quite, but while I was there I took some shots of the action. Got some shots as well as totally drenched in a downpour … thank you Nikon engineers for creating cameras with better water sealing than a fish’s butthole.

Did a small accompanying video … 5 minutes of HD goodness. Grab a cuppa and a biccy and enjoy 🙂
As always – feedback and/or comments welcome

If for some reason the video doesn’t show below, refresh this page or go directly to the video …… here


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