I visited a couple of locations for the workshop and one was booked 🙂

The venue for Day 1 will be held in the heart of Richmond in the Parkshot Richmond Adult Community College (RACC) building which is about 2 minutes walk from Richmond station and is also easily accessible by road, tube and bus.

We will have pretty much the run of the college, but we’ll be based in 1 room and we can use the corridors and the gardens if required (depends on what Bert wants to do)

The second day we’ll be exploring different locations in a walking distance in and around Richmond.

On both days the workshop we will gather at 09:30, start at 10:00 and aim to finish at around 18:00
Directions, other information and forms will be emailed to each participant prior to the Workshop

Final location to be booked. We’ll update the main Event Page if there is more information

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