Hi, My name is Callum Winton and I'm a professional freelance photographer specialising in corporate/commercial and product photography with the occasional wedding and personal portrait session. I'm lucky to work with fun, creative people and we usually have a blast while we create concepts and images for use. If you're interested in hiring my services or if you have any questions or wish to view my current portfolio then please feel free to contact me here:

I never thought I’d ever see any of these up close…

Ladies ’n gentlemen – the Black Mamba … and there’s 2 of them 🙂

I imagine some mixed reactions out there, but to me they’re absolutely amazing.
So sleek and delecate, but they have an impressive reputation for their speed, strength and flexibility.

I think it was wheat…
Maybe barley? Anyone know?

I can hear a chello … !?

Today I was mostly relearning an old skill

13 years since I had my R1, so time for a refresher.
Was a Yamaha 600 … thingy. A bit of a shed with a duff gearbox, but did the job 🙂


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