If you’re navigating about my site and are thinking to yourself "Eeeee – this site’s reet nippy" – that’s because I have VPS hosting

"VP What?" I imagine you to say in my slightly warped head 🙂

VPS = Virtual Private Server.

Most webhosting companies offer a shared hosting service where you have your websites on a machine alongside about 400-800 other people.
That’s a lot of stress for any machine and disks and why your online site may be dragging its heels.

2 other options hosting providers offer are:
1) VPS Hosting
2) Dedicated Hosting

(1) Is what I have.
They cut one of those powerful servers into 10-20 and sell/rent then to individuals. The VPS acts like a complete server install so it looks like I have the whole machine to myself. I has it’s own CPU and reserved memory, so when I need some power – it’s instantly there.

The upside is I’m not sharing the main machine with many other people, so the site flies and delivers content much faster.
The downside is that it costs a lot more than regular shared hosting

(2) Dedicated hosting is where you hire a complete server.
This costs thouuuusands every year and isn’t really a requirement until you head into the successful small-medium sized business with an online shopping cart or something like that.

So what’s the point of this blog?
I’ve helped out a couple of friends who were having problems with their shared hosting and they now have their sites running from my VPS server.

Example websites hosted here:

I have more space available and so I decided to invite 3 more people to share my VPS server.
I’ll be selective in who I choose as we’ll be all sharing my fast machine.

The 3 spaces I’m offering will each have:

1) 1Gb of fast diskspace
2) 25Gb bandwidth (unlimited in theory, but not in practice)
3) 20 addon/parked domains
4) 50 databases
5) Unlimited email, ftp, subdomains …. etc
6) Email capped at 2,500 /hour (share hosting is capped at 350/hr – not so good for mailing lists)
6) Your own private cPanel interface to manage your sites

The cost …. £100 plus VAT per year.
It’s not as cheap as shared hosting, but it has the huge speed and performance a VPS server delivers.

Fast website = happy Google and visitors 🙂

If you think you’d rather your own VPS server then here’s an idea of costs:

So – if you’re interested in having access to publish from my super fast VPS then let me know by filling in the form below

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