The Workshop:
On Monday, we’ll start out by going over the basics of light. We’re going to learn to recognize good light and shape bad light into good light.
In the afternoon we are going to learn how to MAKE the light with small flashes and mix ambient light with flash.
Bert will also discuss equipment choices and will squeeze in lots of tricks of the trade. With lots of real life examples and mini-shoots, we’ll make the theoretical part easy to digest.

On Tuesday, you’ll get the chance to put everything you’ve learned into practice on a location shooting day. You’ll get some fun assignments, that you will work on in small groups under Bert’s guidance.

You don’t need any experience with flash, tons of expensive gear or a degree in photography to benefit from this workshop. A decent knowledge of the basics like shutter speed / aperture and the motivation to improve your photography, is all you need. If those attending are a bit more advanced with lighting then we’ll quickly progress to advanced techniques over the days.

To register and for more information, go to this page:
Bert Stephani UK Workshop September 7+8 2009

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